ChugChugWob T-Shirt Design

I had the pleasure of doing a t shirt design for a local band ChugChugWob. One of their more popular songs is titled "Ta Ta For Now", which is what this design was made for. This was a fun project that challenged my drawing skills and endurance.

You can see I originally drew something that had almost the exact likeness of Pooh. Before checking with the client, I had started making some design mock ups, but after a meeting both my client and I did not feel right about the artwork and that something should be done to make it more original. I was a little discouraged at first and not excited to re-draw the design, but decided to look at this as an opportunity to make something even greater. I had a feeling I was selling CCW short, along with myself; I pushed myself and drew something that surprised even me.

There was a still a process of communication between me and the band's representative to get the final layout and design that we have. Overall this was a fun learning experience and a challenge I really needed to make something great.

ClientLocal musical act: ChugChugWob
DateOctober 2015
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